Trekking 2,000 km in under 80 days.
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May 2018
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Here is some news about educational activities from Hydro-Québec.


Adventure filmmaker and ultramarathoner Caroline Côté is following the path of our electricity, starting at the power grid’s easternmost point. This gruelling athletic challenge of trekking 2,000 km in under 80 days began on April 4, and shines a light on Québec’s ingenuity, vastness and people. Follow this extraordinary human adventure, powered by our collective energy and with an eye on the future. Invite your students to write words of encouragement to Caroline.
Discover the électrON expedition

Welcome to the home of the Energyhogs!

The playful, interactive 00Watt Toolkit includes two hilarious comic strips featuring the “Energyhogs,” a family whose wasteful consumption is a real eye-opener. Your students will quickly become energy-wise!

See the comic strips here: Waste Not, Want Not! and Stop the Virus!

Centre for Sustainable Development

High school students can learn more about sustainable development and energy efficiency through this combined tour of the Centre for Sustainable Development and Hydro-Québec’s head office. Must-see Centre attractions include the green roof, the living wall and the cooling provided by geothermal wells.
Visit one of Québec’s most environmentally friendly buildings

Kit to share

A limited number of Eco-Energy Squad kits for grades 5 and 6 are now available. We ask teachers to share the kit among colleagues or through the school library. Extra copies of the Reporter’s Notebook and Planet Express newspaper can be ordered as needed.
Order the kit or additional materials free of charge

Did you know?

Hydro-Québec uses ultrasound guidance systems to channel migrating American shad away from Rivière-des-Prairies generating station. The fish could otherwise be injured or killed by the turbine blades.

To find out more about the use of ultrasound, read the feature in Les Débrouillards (in French).
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